Is Daniel Wright the Right Mr Wright?

We encountered an interesting conundrum at Dundee’s Wighton Centre today – a book with no title-page.  It’s said to be published by Daniel Wright, and certainly some of the contents match a known early 18th century book by Wright, although that one is portrait format, whereas the one we saw today is landscape format.  But the intriguing thing about this book is the fact that it apparently contains two repertoires, perhaps from two different fiddle books – each sequence appearing on either side of a page.  Sometimes sequence “A” comes first, and sometimes sequence “B”, but they lollop along in tandem throughout the whole book.  The font is slightly different for each sequence (for the most part), and there’s a slight difference in emphasis so far as the contents go.

Much more could be said – but we’ll see what more we can find out first!  We’ll examine the collection again on our next visit.  Ooh, I do love a good mystery!

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